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Although each of our team members brings something different to the table- the core values of

NIKA unltd. remains the same.  We make it a priority to understand the heartbeat behind your company

and rather than view you simply as "just a client,"  we value that you have chosen to partner with NIKA unltd.


You have trusted us to help you look your very best and that is a huge deal!  We refuse to present you

with something that is oridinary.  We test the limits, draw outside of the lines and study new techniques

religiously because we REFUSE to be box dwellers. 

C.E.O. NIKA unltd.
Design, Photography, Marketing & Event Consultation

One of Nika's greatest gifts is her ability to listen to one's vision, internalize it and then bring that vision to life- whether it be through her design or at a photoshoot or even with the execution of an event that she is assisting you with.  


If you ask Nika why she does what she does, she will tell you the same thing everytime... her passion is help elevate those smaller companies that  tend to go overlooked.  We live in a visually driven society and Nika's goal is to help even out the playing field by providing you with top of the line concierge style service without you walking away feeling as if you had just been robbed!


Nika's refusal to creatively get locked inside of a box means that whatever project she takes on for you will not only be unique but it will  be tailor made to embrace  your vision!

Design Apprentice, Event Coordination
Kiruu is currently a design student at the  Art Institute of San Francisco.  Her love for the exploration of color and texture created on different mediums translates in the most beautiful way with her graphic design.  She is able to create pieces that are both eclectic  and elegant at the same time.
Kiruu joined NIKA unltd. as an intern in 2014 in order to excape the monotany of the steady flow of passionless school assignments and take matters into her own hands.  She has been trained in the science of graphic design but has broken out of the box that was suffocating her and is now taking on projects that she can pour her heart into.
Kiruu works side by side with Nika as they layout projects, harmonize creatively and take stale design techniques and create rich designs that speak volumes without anyone having to say a word. 
Billing, Sales
Initially, Liu was referred to Nika as a client looking for a logo design for PolyAtamai, her non-profit organization.  In true Nika fashion, Liu was asked to share her heart and the vision behind her
non-profit.  It didn't take long before the two realized that they shared an all too similar passion for the preservation of their Pacific Island Heritage and it was at that moment that their hearts were linked.
After all of her projects were completed, Liu felt compelled to stick around and help Nika manage her clients, organize her calendar and take over billing.  This simple act of love and support from one friend to another plays a vital role in NIKA unltd's loyal client base and longevity.
So this is her!  This is Liu, the woman behind the voice on the phone or the emails your read.  It is Liu's ability to organize,  multi-task, be firm and fair during the most awkward moments and think beyond the box in the toughest of delimma's that helps keep NIKA unltd. going strong.
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